Why I’m Running

[My original Why I’m Running post is further below.]
If you got the FAKE “Tom James” mailer that Connor’s supporters shamefully sent out just before the election to try to suppress votes for me, PLEASE take a moment to read the entire Facebook post embedded below:

I’m Tom James, and I’m running to be your next Sycamore Township Trustee.

Why We Need to Restore Trust in our Trustees – DETAILS HERE

We live in a fantastic community that is the crown jewel of Greater Cincinnati. Throughout Sycamore Township, we’re blessed with great neighborhoods, school districts which the rest of our nation envies, and vibrant shopping, restaurant, and commercial areas.  This has been a great place for my wife and me to raise our 4 kids, and it’s also a great place to work.  Both of us do that, in fact.

I’m running for Trustee because I want to help our neighborhoods continue to be safe, pleasant places where we can all enjoy the benefits of our community, and I want to ensure that our businesses continue to thrive and grow. Doing that that requires maintaining clear lines and buffers between our commercial and residential areas, and having open, in-the-sunshine discussions and dealings whenever there’s any reason to consider private or public development proposals which might encroach upon our neighborhoods or which might interfere with our residents’ quiet enjoyment of their homes within them.

By election time my opponent will have been in office for almost nine years – more than 2 full terms of office.  And after 9 years, it’s definitely time for a change, because he’s shown us several times recently that we can no longer trust his judgment.  He’s been a willing participant in backroom development deals.  He’s been a cheerleader for building mammoth, multi-story commercial building projects and apartment complexes next to some of our once-quiet neighborhoods.  And, maybe as icing on the cake for those developers, he’s been all for having taxpayers provide millions of dollars in subsidies for those projects. 

But, most important of all, he’s shown he can’t keep the promises which he personally made to our residents.  More about that to follow in the near future.

It was seeing my opponent’s breaches of our trust and seeing the stay-out-of-our-way attitude that he and some other key members of our Township government demonstrate that inspired me to run for Trustee in this election.  I want to change that culture.  Your Township government works for the voters – not the other way around.  Help me make that point.

I’m a lifelong conservative Republican, and my opponent is a Republican too. But the difference between me and Mr. Connor, as well as those others in power in Sycamore Township for so long, is that I intend to represent ALL of our residents and business stakeholders once elected — not just those whose political views I might agree with or those who provide assistance or sign space to my campaign.

Please vote for me this November 5.  When you make me your next Sycamore Township Trustee, we can restore trustworthiness in our local government and ensure that our neighborhoods have a strong voice to advocate for their interests. I’d really appreciate your vote. Thanks.

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